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Mission Organizations That We Support

Listed below are some of the mission organizations that we support with our time and our money:

North Channel Assistance Ministries (NCAM) is the emergency food pantry for the northeast quadrant of Houston.  NCAM’s main focus is helping area residents with short term emergency assistance, including food and clothing.   NCAM is located at 13837 Bonham Street, Houston, TX 77015.  The phone number is 713-453-8028.  NCAM is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 1pm.

Woodforest Presbyterian Church is especially proud of our relationship with NCAM, which we founded in 1985 together with St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.  Today, NCAM is supported by a broad coalition of neighborhood churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Souper Bowl of Caring - Last year, young people across the nation raised over $10,000,000 to alleviate hunger by collecting money and food on Super Bowl weekend (  ALL of the collections stay in the local community and are donated directly to the charity of each group’s choice.  Woodforest Presbyterian’s current choice is NCAM.

One Great Hour of Sharing ( is the special Lenten offering of the PCUSA.  It carries the message of love and hope to people in more than eighty countries, including our own.

The PCUSA works with international partners to provide sources of clean water and food, education and health care, small business micro-loans, emergency relief, and advocacy and resettlement for refuges and displaced persons.  The PCUSA also supports domestic and international ministries for disaster preparedness and response.

This ministry is near and dear to our own hearts.  In 2007, Hurricane Ike tore the roof from Woodforest Presbyterian Church – but One Great Hour of Sharing put it back!  So we know personally how necessary this disaster assistance can be!

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance - Earthquakes, wars, tsunamis, floods, famine – sometimes the daily news can be overwhelmingly negative.  The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network provides an uplifting answer to this flood of negative news.  Usually within 24-48 hours of any major event, the PDA Information Network will send you an email detailing exactly what we Presbyterians are doing to help!  Sign up this free service at

World Communion Offering (PCUSA) - On World Communion Sunday, Christians around the world gather together to eat the bread and drink the cup offered by Christ, the Prince of Peace.  On this special day, we renew our dedication to the ideals of justice and peace by collecting the World Communion Offering (

Once known as the Peacemaking Offering, this collection supports a variety of projects chosen by the congregation, Presbytery, Synod and the General Assembly.  Woodforest Presbyterian Church has chosen the Institute of Civility in Government to receive our share of this collection.  The Presbytery of New Covenant has used their portion to send Philippino youths to a Peacekeeping conference in LA, and to support the Presbytery of Peru.  Peacekeeping donations have also been earmarked for Hurricane Ike recovery projects.  The General Assembly funds AIDS relief projects in Africa and supports ministries that reduce hand-gun violence, among others.

Institute for Civility - Is compromise now a dirty word?  Are we a nation divided against ourselves?  And if we are, what can we do to heal the widening breaches?

Our own Reverend Cassandra Dahnke believes that any nation experiencing both polarization and citizen apathy is a nation seriously at risk.  She founded the Institute for Civility in Government ( to address these important issues.  The Institute now boasts chapters in 26 states.

The Institute for Civility in Government does not endorse any political candidate or position.  Instead, it promote the process of civil discourse by teaching civility training workshops, organizing congressional student forums, and taking groups of high school student to Washington DC to experience government first hand.  Through these activities, the Institute promotes listening and communication skills, the importance of teamwork, resources for building civility, and a respect for other belief systems.

So there is something we can all do!  For more information (or to join Cassandra’s Institute) go to

Mission in Song - Saint Augustine said “He who sings -- prays twice.”

So much of our world is filled with unhappy sounds.  But the members of Woodforest Presbyterian Church are making a joyful noise – and not just in church on Sunday morning!  In addition to caroling at Christmas, we regularly sing to friends and members of the church who are not able to worship with us on Sunday mornings.  We find that when we lift up our voices, our spirits are up-lifted, as well!

Christmas Joy Offering - Presbyterians have long celebrated the Advent season with special gifts and offerings.  The Christmas Joy Offering ( dates back to the 1930’s.  It is collected on the Sunday before Christmas, and the offering is used to support current and future church workers and their families.

Half the collection is allocated to the Board of Pensions, and is used for emergency financial needs for current and retired ministers, missionaries and their families.  In 2012, the Board supported retired church workers and their families with 322 income supplements, 140 shared grants, 60 emergency assistance grants, and 301 housing supplements.

The other half of the Joy Collection develops future church leaders by supporting Presbyterian schools and colleges, specifically those students preparing to serve racial and ethnic minorities.  Schools include Menaul School, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Presbyterian Pan American School, Kingsville, TX; and Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Funds are allocated to both scholarships and operations.  At these schools, students “enter to learn and depart to serve”.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services - Since 1903, Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services ( has been serving children and families with nowhere else to turn.

Through its group homes, foster homes, and counseling programs, PCHAS shows their children that they are the beloved children of God.

This organization is significant in that it provides continuing service to youth at risk – PCHAS services do not stop abruptly when a child turns eighteen.  Counseling and assistance continue through through the important transitions into college and adult life.

Pentecost Offering (PCUSA)
The Pentecost Offering ( is dedicated to helping children at risk.

“And how are the children?”

This traditional Kenyan greeting acknowledges the high value the Masai tribe places on the well-being of children. Tribe members answer with the traditional response...“All the children are well.”

So let us ask ourselves, “How are the children?”

Do all the children have adequate health care?
Are all the children succeeding in school?
Are all the children safe from sexual exploitation, dangerous work and warfare?
Are all the children shielded from media violence and aggressive marketing?
Do all the children have access to clean water, healthy food, the time to play and the resources for normal growth and development?
Sixty percent of the Pentecost collection goes to the youth ministries of the General Assembly and to child advocacy at the national level.  The remaining forty percent is designated by Woodforest Presbyterian Church to support Presbyterian Children’s Homes & Services.

So...How are the children? Are all the children well?

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